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        Important Information

        On May 28, Chancellor Gary S. May wrote:

        “The events of this week also cause me to believe even more strongly, if that’s possible, in building an inclusive environment that recognizes and respects people of all backgrounds and experiences. I remain committed to that and hope you will do what you can to eliminate racism, sexism, and other negative influences on our progression as a nation.”

        We join Chancellor May in these efforts toward building diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment in the Department of Communication and at the University of California Davis. To learn more, including a list of resources are available for students in crisis, need of support, or who have experienced racism or bias, click?here.

        Important Covid-19 Information:

        In light of the Covid-19 situation, ?all UC Davis Fall 2020 courses will move to virtual instruction. ?As a result, the department’s administrative functions have moved to remote work conditions until further notice. ?At this time, the preferred method of contact for departmental staff members is e-mail; please visit our?administrative staff contact page?for further information.

        CMN 3V: Interpersonal Communication Competence

        Communication in interpersonal contexts. Sender, receiver, and message variables, and their interaction with communication competence. Participation in simulations and experiential exercises.








        This online course introduces you to the interpersonal communication skills needed for success in business and the professions. What does it means to be "professional" in your messaging, interactions, and your presentation of self? Students will have the opportunity to assess their communication skills and access resources for improvement. In addition to learning how to navigate some common workplace interpersonal challenges, students will be introduced to the job-seeking process. Considerable attention will be given to the communication skills for effective leadership, conflict management, teamwork, and negotiation. Learn how skills perceived as "common sense" have the capacity to impact your success (or failure), in the workplace.