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        On May 28, Chancellor Gary S. May wrote:

        “The events of this week also cause me to believe even more strongly, if that’s possible, in building an inclusive environment that recognizes and respects people of all backgrounds and experiences. I remain committed to that and hope you will do what you can to eliminate racism, sexism, and other negative influences on our progression as a nation.”

        We join Chancellor May in these efforts toward building diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment in the Department of Communication and at the University of California Davis. To learn more, including a list of resources are available for students in crisis, need of support, or who have experienced racism or bias, click?here.

        Important Covid-19 Information:

        In light of the Covid-19 situation, ?all UC Davis Spring 2020 course will move to virtual instruction. ?As a result, the department’s administrative functions have moved to remote work conditions until further notice. ?At this time, the preferred method of contact for departmental staff members is e-mail; please visit our?administrative staff contact page?for further information.

        How to Enroll for Internship Credit

        Academic credit for internship is documented through either of two courses — CMN 99 (Special Study for Undergraduates) or CMN 192 (Internship in Communication).

        Grading for these classes is on a pass/fail basis. To enroll in CMN 99 or 192, students must complete these specific steps:

        1. Once you officially are offered an internship, send an email message to the internship director, , in which you briefly describe what you will be doing and for which company or organization you will working. Also, tell her how many (if any) internship units you already have earned.
        2. If Dr. Hamilton approves the internship, lower-division students may then enroll in CMN 99 and upper-division students may enroll in CMN 192.
        3. To enroll, you will need to have the current course registration number (CRN) for the quarter or summer session.
        4. Before enrolling, you will need to predict how many hours you expect to work at the internship by the time the quarter ends. You may earn one unit for every 30 hours worked. You may enroll in fewer units than you are actually allowed to earn.
        5. The system will default to one unit, so if you want to earn more than one unit, you will have to manually change the number of units to the correct amount. If you do not do this, only one unit will show up on the course roster; we will have to fill out additional paperwork to make a subsequent change. So please do not forget this important step.
        6. After you enroll, you may access the course's SmartSite website and receive any email messages that Dr. Hamilton sends or resources she post.
        7. As you are performing your internship, you also should work on your academic assignments. The "career management worksheet" is due at the beginning of your first internship, and all the other assignments and documented hours are due the first day of final examinations week. You may turn in your assignments to Dr. Hamilton personally during her office hours, before or after a class you are taking with her, or by sliding the papers under her office door (Kerr Hall 173) by the stated deadline for that quarter.
        8. If Dr. Hamilton does not receive your assignments on time, you will be given a grade of "incomplete."
        9. Dr. Hamilton will check if your documented hours match (or exceed) the number of hours required to earn your designated number of units, and will phone your internship supervisor to confirm that the cumulative time figure you submitted is accurate.
        10. Dr. Hamilton also will read all of your assignments. If they are satisfactory, you will be given a "pass" grade for the course. If they are not satisfactory, she will email you to let you know what you need to do to receive a passing grade.